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Is a downsized model with the same principle as our RIVA
Not every room is suited for placing a man-size loudspeaker,
therefore I designed a similar design with the same level of performance.
The design results in a live-like 3D reproduction of the recorded medium.
Every artist is projected in the room, with a complete absence of any cabinet sound.
Our new Statement Monitor
Comes in a clear see-through Acrylic frame,
or hangs on the ceiling with 3 belts
12" Carbon/papercone woofer
10" Carbon woofer inside (Isobaric system)
8" Carbon Mid-woofers
3 RAAL Ribbon tweeters
External Crossover containing Mundorf - Duelund components
20-80.000Hz @ 6 Ohm
For amps between 40 & 1.000 W
143 x 55 x 75 cm
80 Kg
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