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25 Years in search of Perfection,        Koen Vaessen,     loudspeakerbuilding since 1998


The criteria I use for my components are:

  1. Durability - The parts have to be able to handle twice the energy of normal handling, that's the reason why I have had zero repairs in 20 years. My son Bart, 29 still rocks the Octagon loudspeakers I made 30 years ago.

  2. Sound - I only use parts that are able to bring the sound that I have in mind to a higher level, each component has to be able to blend in with the design without attracting attention, that is the only way to reproduce music, and let you forget you listen to loudspeakers.

  3. Attractive Design - Esthetics are very important to me, I like to give my designs a precious look, and that's only possible with State of the Art components.

For my wooden cabinets, I'm working with German craftsmen who build the 35mm cabinets out of a mixture of HDF and Carbon.

Fiberglass cabinets are made in Belgium to the highest standards.

Our cabinets are painted in a Bentley Certified Paintshop, they become 3 layers of metallic automotive coat, 3 layers of clearcoat, and 4 layers of clearcoat finished with a polishing session by hand, to make sure your loudspeakers will last and shine a lifetime.

All our designs are upgradable, we have a "lifespan" of min 8 years before we change a model, and all our models are upgradable to the latest standard, if we find better components, we let you know, and we provide you the possibility to bring your loudspeakers to a higher level without having to invest in a new pair.

In case you have further questions, or like to discuss something, you are always welcome to contact me.

Enjoy your time on my website

Koen Vaessen

In the spring of 1998, I decided to start as a professional loudspeaker builder,

my first real commercial design was the Aquarius.
I am building loudspeakers since I was a teenager, and most of the time I rebuilt or repaired existing hifi speakers, about 30 years ago I build my first high-end project, it was an octagon cabinet with the same type of drivers 
as our first-generation Aquarius.

Back in that time, I didn't have an idea what was happening in the high-end world,

I designed the speakers from my point of view, without knowing what the other brands were doing.

My design was a no-compromise design, I choose the best-sounding components,
found the right crossover frequencies, and build a loudspeaker that found its place at the top of the market.
Up till today, I had the same philosophy, I start building new designs when I feel ready and only use the highest quality components available, when they aren't there, I'm looking for people who are willing to take the challenge 
to make them

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